Keratin "Hair Plastic Surgery"

Would you like to have smooth, sexy tresses? A Keratin Hair Treatment Is What You Need


keratin hair treatment without formaldehyde2Not many of us are aware of the benefits that are received from a Keratin hair treatment – all we continue to see is the controversy surrounding it; particularly the chemical used during the process.

“Hair Plastic Surgery” is a natural formaldehyde-free keratin treatment.

Rest assured, at Euro Style Beauty Salon in Winter Park we not only use Keratin hair straightening (Brazilian Blowout), containing only natural keratin hair products, to ensure the integrity of your hair is not damaged during this process. Not to mention we take extreme pride in offering the only treatment with Sugarcane Cysteine technology – with neutral pH, and free from harmful chemicals! Do your tresses a favor and treat yourself!

Here’s the breakdown and all you should know about this treatment. There is an absolute reason why a lot of people call Keratin hair straightening a ‘miracle’ treatment.

This Brazilian hair treatment is what you need if a super sleek, smooth, and shiny look is desired, as well as making the usual routine of blow drying and straightening easier for up to 4-6 months. This product will give your tresses the protein it needs and the look you desire.

Restorative and smoothing; this is accomplished because Keratin is essentially a type of protein which naturally exists within your hair structure, but is compromised from everyday life. Your hair has been ‘victimized’ for so long from sun exposure, to various hair coloring and styling processes. Tend to those lackluster strands and restore your hair to the silky, soft and disciplined hair you could be blessed with!

The process starts as soon as your stylist applies the keratin hair straightening product before using a smoothing iron to seal the cuticle and lock in the protein to strengthen and restore the hair strands . Depending on the length of your hair, the whole process can take up to one and a half hours to three hours depending on the quality and structure of your hair.

The only adjustment you will need to make to your daily routine is to use a sodium-sulfate-free shampoo to maintain the keratin treatment you receive. Using this type of shampoo will prolong the effects of the treatment. Neat huh?

The controversy surrounded by SOME Keratin treatments actually comes from the chemical (formaldehyde) used that is claimed to be dangerous in the long run (and the amount used is claimed to be too much) and the research the FDA has performed as made the treatment taboo. OUR treatment is formaldehyde-free and will not compromise the integrity of those beautiful tresses of yours!

Not just being ‘green’ for the environment, the treatment we provide allows our Salon to claim and maintain the health of your hair is our top concern; thanks to our partnerships with universities, laboratories, and other countries for our products to be eco-sustainable.

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