lifestyle-lipo-emody-lipo-laser-april-2013-1696092-regularSay goodbye to unwanted flab and increase your confidence with a smoother, slimmer, sleeker appearance! Created and designed in Europe, ultrasound cavitation is a localized fat reduction treatment that contours, shapes, and slims the body, utilizing sound waves. The treatment permanently destroys fat cells without damaging any vascular, nervous, and muscular tissues and organs.


Most experts agree that ultrasound treatment for cellulite is perfectly safe and less harmful than laser treatments. The treatment is FDA approved and non-invasive.
  • Cavitation Stomach ( 55min)  $80    
  • Cavitation Hips                            $80 
  • Cavitation Legs                            $100   
  • Vacuum Cellulite reduction 1 zone  $80 and up  
  • Body Countering/Lymph Drainage massage full body  $90